For the professional artist, or the casual fan of fine art, it can be tough to navigate the various options for paper types when selecting and buying prints. 

Permian Productions incorporates the best, archival quality, and longest lasting papers the market has to offer. AS we constantly expand our options, check back here for the best choice for the piece you are looking to add to your collection.




This paper from MUSEO is brand new technology when it comes to fine art prints. Combining the 100% Cotton Rag that all fine artist want to display their work, with the first-of-its-kind coating to give a semigloss finish to the final product. Without an after gloss technique, or having to lose fine art quality this paper creates an incredibly stunning print that is unprecedented in the fine art print community. Permian Productions is proud to provide this paper to its artists and customers so they can truly gain the most amazing prints of any artistic work with full color gamut and deep, rich blacks represented to their fullest capacity.



This EPSON paper is the industry standard of archival quality papers for fine art. It is perfect for rich colors and incredible black and grey tones. It is 100% cotton, and is a "mould" paper, which means that there will be some bleed to the image. Nothing that you can really discern, but for artists that use a very fine touch to their borders and outlines, this is the paper for the print you want. Along with the incredible Chromium Ink Technology that we provide, your print on Somerset Velvet will last for over 150 years.



Another beautiful EPSON paper, Cold Press Bright has many of the same qualities of Somerset Velvet. The difference is in its bright textured finish, which looks brilliant on a 100% Cotton Rag paper. There is still a slight bleed because of the pure cotton, but even less than the Somerset Velvet. If you are looking to buy ANY print, regardless of brush stroke or fine borders, and you are looking to frame and display the art, then this paper is perfect for you. Somerset Velvet is the industry and museum standard, but Cold Press Bright is almost the same with a little more texture and the same beautiful color gamut on display. Also, it is produced a cheaper price making it even more affordable to Level Up Your Art.